My first thoughts on the Radiolab player demo version

I think that Radiolab by public radio station WNYC is one of the greatest radio shows in the world. If you don’t already know it, I recommend you listen to at least one of their episodes and read this article by the New York Times on their creative sound design. Now Radiolab is part of a new project: Henrik Moltke built a flash-free radio player that combines it with the audio sharing platform Soundcloud and Popcorn.js, a Mozilla-backed JavaScript framework for integrating the web into audio and video productions.

Henrik explains all the current functions in the video above. In a nutshell: You can choose between a transcript and a so called word stream of the episode that is displayed in the main window. Comments by listeners are shown in the Soundcloud file below. Links to pictures added by Radiolab to the Soundcloud comments also appear in the main window. I listened to the episode „Desperately Seeking Symmetry“ in the demo version of the Radiolab player. But right now text and pictures tend to distract me more than they create value for me. But don’t get me wrong: I really like the idea of this new player and I think that it could provide many new opportunities. So I’m looking forward to further developments.

By the way: From time to time videos complement the Radiolab episodes. This short video by three filmmakers was inspired by the „Desperately Seeking Symmetry“ episode.

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